Dividends Policy

“Text taken from the bylaws of Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina S. A. (Celesc), updated according to the alterations approved in the Extraordinary General Meeting, held on April 30, 2015″.

About the Financial Year and Financial Statements
and Destination of Profits

Art. 46 – From the results of the financial year, before any share, the losses accumulated will be deducted, as well as the provision for income tax, social contribution on net profit and, successively, the shares for employees and administrators.

§1 – The following proportion will be applied to the net profit of the financial year: i) 25% (twenty-five percent) to pay the mandatory dividends to shareholders, calculated according to the law, and, if any, the payment of interest on own capital; ii) 5% (five percent) of the net profit for the legal reserve until it reaches 20% (twenty percent) of the capital stock.

§2 – The remaining amount, after the retention foreseen in the capital budgeting and/or investment planned by the Company’s administration, observing the Company’s Master Plan and its properly approved dividend policy, will constitute a profit reserve for the distribution of extraordinary dividends, according to the provisions of art. 48 of these bylaws, until the maximum limit foreseen in art. 199 of the Joint Stock Company Law.


Payment of Dividends

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