Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

It values the continuous improvement of our business activities. considering economic, social and environmental aspects.

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Celesc Communication Policy

It describes the premises to be practiced by all boards of directors, assistances, managers and professionals from the communication areas. It describes the goals, values, guidelines, audiences and communication processes.

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Anticorruption Policy

It aims to record and communicate, to all directly or indirectly involved with Celesc, that the Company operates in a legal, ethical, transparent and professional manner, in addition to being a prevention and guidance tool.

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Information Disclosure and Stock Trading Policy

It aims to establish the disclosure and use of information practices, as well as the negotiation policy of securities issued by the Company.

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Strategic Risk Management and Internal Controls Policy

It indicates which guidelines should be observed for the implementation of internal risk management and controls, in addition to defining the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, of the Legal Committee and of the Audit and Executive Board.

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Supplier Relationship Policy

It aims to pass on to business partners the rules of conduct adopted by Celesc, recommending that their suppliers extend these criteria for companies contracted by them, thus pursuing the sustainability of the productive chain.

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Safety and Health at Work Policy

Its elaboration is based on the permanent commitment to improve working conditions and minimize occupational risks, aiming to establish a safe and healthy environment for workers and to strengthen the integration of a safety culture to business strategies.

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Business Relationship Policy

In the relationship with its customers and consumers, Celesc is committed to follow the principles of legality, impersonality, morality, transparency, efficiency, isonomy, administrative probity and to meet the guidelines set forth in its Code of Ethical Conduct.

Code of Ethics

Based on the principles of corporate governance, information transparency and anti-corruption shielding, it also ensures a consistent performance with the principles of sustainability.

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