Management, Committees and Fiscal Council

Executive Officers – Celesc S/A
CEO Cleverson Siewert
Director of Planning and Internal Control Fábio Fick
CFO and IRO José Eduardo Evangelista
Chief Commercial Officer Eduardo Cesconeto de Souza
Director of Corporate Management Nelson Marcelo Santiago
Legal Officer Antonio José Linhares
Director of Distribution Vitor Lopes Guimarães
Director of Generation, Transmission and New Business Enio Andrade Branco
Board of Directors
Majority Shareholder Representative Antônio Marcos Gavazzoni
Majority Shareholder Representative Cleverson Siewert
Majority Shareholder Representative Derly Massaud de Anunciação
Majority Shareholder Representative Pedro Bittencourt Neto *
Majority Shareholder Representative Ernani Bayer
Majority Shareholder Representative Luciano Chede *
Majority Shareholder Representative Ademir Zanella
Preferred Shareholders Representative Fabrício Santos Debortolli *
Employees Representative Leandro Nunes da Silva

**As provided in Article 24, I of the Company’s bylaws, the “Independent Director” are classified according to the definition in Regulation of BMF & BOVESPA – Level 2, as transcribed below:

Independent Director is characterized by:

  • i. not having any link with the Company, except interest in capital;
  • ii. not being Controlling Stockholder, spouse or relative up to second degree of the Controlling Stockholder, or not being or not having being, in the past three (3) years, connected to a corporation or entity related to the Controlling Stockholder (people connected to public education and/or research institutions are excluded from this restriction);
  • iii. not having been, in the past three (3) years, an employee or director of the Company, of the Controlling Stockholder or of corporation controlled by the Company;
  • iv. not being supplier or buyer, directly or indirectly, of services and/or products of the Company, in magnitude that results in loss of independence;
  • v. not being employee or administrator of corporation or entity that is offering or requesting services and/or products to or from the Company, in magnitude that results in loss of independence;
  • vi. not being spouse or relative up to second degree of any administrator of the Company; and
  • vii. not receiving other form of remuneration from the Company other than the one related to the position of director (gains in cash coming from the interest in capital are excluded from this restriction.

Secretary of Corporate Governance:
Vanessa Evangelista Ramos Rothermel
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Advisory Committees of the Board of Directors:

Strategy Committee for Strategic Affairs and Sustainability*

Ernani Bayer

Ademir Zanella

Fabio Fick

Eduardo Cesconeto de Souza

*Since RCA of 04.16.2015 the Strategy Committee for Strategic Affairs and Sustainability took over the activities of the Sustainability Committee.

Financial committee

Alberto Güth (coordenador)

Antônio Marcos Gavazzoni

Leandro Nunes Silva

Cleverson Siewert

Legal and Audit Committee

Luciano Chede (coordenador)

Fabricio Santos Debortoli

Antonio José Linhares

Milton de Queiroz Garcia

Aureo Malinverni

Human Resources Committee

Leandro Nunes da Silva

Ademir Zanella

Nelson Marcelo Santiago

Guilherme Correa

Other Committees:

Fiscal Council

Fiscal Council
Majority Shareholder Representative André Luiz Bazzo
Surrogate: Guilherme da Silva Roman
Majority Shareholder Representative Paulo da Paixão Borges de Andrade
Surrogate: Adolar Bekendorf
Majority Shareholder Representative Luiz Hilton Temp
Surrogate: Djalma de Souza Coutinho
Minority Shareholders Representative Telma Suzana Mezia
Surrogate: Jose Antonio Diniz de Oliveira
Preferred Shareholders Representative Thiago Costa Jacinto
Suplente: William Cordeiro

Updated on 23 April 2018.