Among the 1950s and 1980s, State Government gathered energy companies scattered across state of Santa Catarina, consolidating a unique policy for the distribution of electricity to Santa Catarina. Since 1955, this policy has a name: CELESC.


19tth Century

Until the mid 1950s, the energy requirements in Santa Catarina were supplied by small and medium regionally electrical systems, usually maintained by the private sector. In the first decade of the century, for example, Florianopolis and Blumenau already had, including in public lighting systems.

The capital was supplied by the plant Maroim (inaugurated in 1908) and Blumenau by Salto Weissbach, dated from 1916. Joinville was served by Pirai Plant in 1908 and, in 1913, Usina São Lourenço went into operation benefiting the municipality of Mafra.

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